How To Make Construction Operations More Profitable

Adroit Operations Management (AOM) is a set of practices, tools and services that enable your company’s leaders and teams to assess job and team performance in real time. With AOM, your teams will identify problems and find solutions sooner, so they can improve job performance, reduce the risk of unsafe and unprofitable jobs, and increase company profitability.

By aligning goals, AOM creates a culture in which team members are aware how their performance contributes to profitability. They then can compare and discuss productivity, allowing them to self-organize while enabling your leaders to plan and manage human resources more effectively. This lowers costs and increases productivity, making your company more competitive in bidding jobs.

By implementing AOM, your team will become more professional, your business more profitable, your clients more satisfied, and your company more valuable.

Track Time

AOM’s Remote Time Collection (RTC) collects and categorizes daily labor hours in the field on each job, sends it to the office, and summarizes it for weekly review by a supervisor. Once approved, labor data goes to accounting for payroll. When payroll is processed, RTC retrieves each job’s weekly labor hours and sends it back to field foremen and executive leadership for use in project assessment and planning, course corrections, team improvement, and client communication.

Track Productivity

AOM’s Productivity Assessment Rating (PAR) is an intuitive performance graph that scales operational wisdom within your company. PAR graphs compare weekly performance to your job plan, enabling your team to project job performance so they can take actions sooner to improve it.

Schedule Strategically

AOM’s Short Duration Scheduling (SDS) is a structured management system for field personnel. An employee working with a plan always outperforms one without. SDS enables your field personnel to plan, and then understand the outcomes of their planning – both successes and failures. When a plan fails, SDS identifies the cause, provides feedback to the team, and helps them focus first on the biggest breakdowns.

Train and Coach Everyone

To help you maximize AOM’s effectiveness, we train your office and field personnel how to use the software and implement new practices that leverage AOM’s data. Our training helps your team members continuously learn to improve their productivity, and how to collaborate to boost profit on each job. We recommend adopting AOM one module at a time. For each module, we will hold training sessions that focus on fundamental and specific practices for successfully using AOM.

How to Transform Your Construction Business in 12-24 Months

Using AOM, you will anticipate and avoid breakdowns,
scale staffing for efficiency, and professionalize your team.

Avoid Breakdowns

  • Improve Safety
  • Increase Productivity
  • Lower Costs and Risks

Scale Staffing

  • Increase Capacity
  • Complete Jobs Sooner
  • Make Clients Happy

Professionalize Your Team

  • Increase Situational Awareness
  • Boost Production and Job Satisfaction
  • Retain Key Personnel

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